The U.P.F.A.A. was established in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to promote and foster the practice of archery.

We as an organization foster tournaments and archery education throughout the Upper Peninsula. We are proud to have some of the most beautiful ranges in the state with a fantastic group of competitors. If you are not a member of the U.P.F.A.A. and desire to challenge yourself shooting our great outdoor ranges and indoor ranges you should consider asking for additional information.

President: Shelley Saxwold
Phone: 906-486-6845
Vice-President: Wayne Kaminen
Phone: 906-485-1921
Secretary/Treasurer: Joel Beckman
Phone: 906-644-2764
Awards Secretary: Trudy Shelgren
Phone: 906-265-5697
Tomahawk Editor: Randall Wellings
Phone: 906-486-6845
Webmaster: Austin Lucas